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About Me


Hi! I'm Amanda, the gal behind the lens here at BBP! 

I'm a mom to two spunky little boys who keep me laughing on the daily. My husband and I operate our ranch out near Wilson Lake where we raise horses, cattle, and goats. 

Photography has always been my passion; my creative outlet. Its where I get to capture the very essence of your story. To truly document what makes you YOU! 

Between mom life, farm life, and BBP, I keep pretty busy, but I'm truly humbled and honored each time I meet a new family and get to create timeless photos of their new addition!

My Why


I've always had a love for babies and the miracle of life. From the first little kicks in the womb to the first breath your baby breathes in your arms, it's a special time of bonding and connection.

This is the driving force behind my craft - the ability to capture these moments and to preserve them for you to look back on when those sweet littles are grown.

This is also the reason I decided to specialize in newborn through first year photography. I love getting to be a part of their development as their personalities develop and shine. As a mother of two, I know firsthand how fleeting these important moments are and I strive to capture them beautifully and authentically.

From maternity to newborn, to milestones and cake smashes, I would be honored to be a part of your story from the very beginning!


Training & Experience

Newborn photography does not come with a license or accreditation. There are no tests to pass to be able to call yourself a professional. However, there are tons of educational resources and mentorships for hands-on training, which is something I take great pride in having accomplished, as well as continuing to invest in my education for the safety of my little clients. 

My biggest priority in any newborn session, has, and always will be safety. The training I've invested in is specific to newborn photography, which allows me to safely handle and pose infants so their airway is not restricted and their head and neck are fully supported at all times. I will never force a baby into a pose or compromise their safety just to get the shot. Often times I'll have a parent close to help support or spot baby in case they startle or wiggle. Baby runs the session and I'm constantly reading their cues for signs of discomfort, gas pains, and hunger so I know how best to comfort them and get them content before proceeding. 

I've also completed certification for CPR & Pediatric First-Aid and keep this up-to-date every 2 years. I continue to learn via online and hands-on mentorships to be the best I can be for my clients.

I appreciate every client who trusts me with their little miracles and allows me to create beautiful images they will treasure forever!

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